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How to hack a company for 11 euros?

How to hack a company for 11 euros?

Why are HID keys used? This style of attack means that important/hidden machines in an organization can be reached directly, without arousing suspicion, unlike complex attacks that would be carried out from the outside and would have to disarm the firewalls and...

How to (properly) name your Docker images?

How to (properly) name your Docker images?

Docker images are the foundation of container technology, enabling developers to create, distribute and run applications in a consistent, isolated way. However, a crucial question arises when managing Docker images: how do you correctly manage their names, and why is it essential to indicate the registry from which they are to be retrieved?

10 devOps tools you need to know in 2024

10 devOps tools you need to know in 2024

At a certain stage of development, companies are often faced with the problem of scaling up their infrastructure and production speed. DevOps, a combination of “development” and “operations”, helps companies automate the development process and achieve better delivery of products and services.
We’ve identified the top 10 DevOps tools essential for startups and SMEs, according to specific needs.

CTO challenges – Interview notes

We were lucky enough to interview the CTO of a B2B SaaS company we work with. We touched on a few sensitive subjects, and the company testifying agreed to share the content of our conversation but insisted on remaining anonymous … 🤫

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