Develop your product,
we take care of your infrastructure.

Improve your infrastructure and optimize your costs, without up-front investment.

Our approach

4 steps to immediate return on investment.

1. Study

We audit your infrastructure free of charge, and draw up a concrete optimization plan based on 6 lines of action and 24 control points.

2. Optimization

We carry out the optimization plan free of charge to reduce your Cloud costs and improve the stability and performance of your infrastructure.

3. Management

We manage your new infrastructure on a day-to-day basis, ensuring its efficiency and stability, and keeping it up to date with your needs.

4. Training

We keep a constant watch on technological developments, then train your teams to operate your infrastructure and new technologies.

They are no longer alone
with their infrastructure.

Experts who listen

Outsourcing Kubernetes Training
"A company that listens to its customers and is available, expert IT engineers: I really recommend it if you have a need for specialized, tailor-made technical training for your teams. "

Carbon footprint and costs

Outsourcing Kubernetes S3
"Our collaboration with Log'In Line has enabled us to reduce the carbon footprint (and cost!) of our infrastructure, thanks to the advice of their experts. Their critical eye has enabled us to learn and improve on certain subjects. "

Managing a fleet of instances

Outsourcing Kubernetes Deployments
"Log'in Line enabled us to stabilize our hosting business with a tailor-made infrastructure and automated deployments. They were proactive and relevant. The return on investment of their approach is indisputable, and we are very satisfied with this collaboration. "

Thank you!

Training CI/CD
"I wanted to thank you for this training course, because the feedback from the team has been more than positive. I would especially like to thank the instructor for his pedagogy, his kindness and his flawless technical knowledge. My team can't wait to get started. 😊 "

A company that listens

CI/CD Infrastructure Azure
"Log'in Line's #1 strength is their ability to listen. Thanks to their Cloud engineers, we have perfectly adapted and customized tools for managing our infrastructure. The time spent on each task has been cut by at least a factor of 10."

A constant technological watch at your service

Our team continuously qualifies the best technologies and service providers so you don’t have to.

We reduce your expenses,
but not only.

Management. I want my team to focus on development, not infra.

Scalability. I want to make my infrastructure scalable.

Reliability. I want to ensure the reliability of my infrastructure for my customers.

Optimization. I want to reduce my infrastructure costs for nothing.

Compliance and safety. I want to make sure my infrastructure is compliant and secure.

Proactive. I want suggestions for improvements without having to ask for them.

Transition. I'd like to be helped to make the transition to Kubernetes as smoothly as possible.

Availability. I want a team of experts, available quickly.

Time. I need to overhaul my infrastructure but I don't have the time to do it.

Start with a free audit


How much can my Cloud costs be reduced?

Every infrastructure is different, and there are no absolute truths. Nevertheless, we are seeing a reduction of at least 30% in infrastructure costs for 95% of our customers.

Am I eligible if I am not yet in the Cloud?

We also provide support for companies that rely on on-premise infrastructures, made up of virtual machines and/or dedicated servers. Our audit is not specifically focused on Cloud infrastructures.

Why not charge for the audit?

We see the audit as a way of identifying opportunities to improve your infrastructure which, once implemented, will have a tangible impact on your business.
Audits alone don’t generate direct value for you, so we prefer to base our business model on the long-term services they provide.

Is there a maximum or minimum infrastructure size to take advantage of the audit?

No, there is no minimum or maximum size.

We’ll do the audit if we think we can bring you long-term value. If your infrastructure costs are low, so are the financial optimizations you can achieve. However, our collaboration could bring you other benefits such as stability, security and scalability.

On the other hand, if your infrastructure is very large, our teams will divide it into perimeters and carry out the audit on each batch.

Do you target small companies or major accounts?

Our offer is designed for start-ups looking to build their first infrastructure, as well as for large corporations looking to reduce costs and optimize resources.

Will the audit help me improve my carbon footprint?

In the majority of cases, the audit highlights opportunities for cost optimization, which are almost systematically correlated with a reduction in the infrastructure’s carbon footprint.

How much time will the audit cost me?

⌚ The audit will require 2 to 3 hours of your time.
We start with a one-hour qualification meeting to give you an overview of your infrastructure and applications.
If necessary, we can arrange an intermediate meeting so that our team can ask you specific technical questions.
Finally, we present the audit report during a final one-hour meeting.

How long will it take to get the audit results?

Our audits are delivered within a week of the opening appointment.

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Tell us about your infrastructure.

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